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  • Josh Weber

6 Signs of a Good Contractor: What to Look Out For

Do you need a new roofing contractor? Maybe you've been left high and dry by a previous contractor, or perhaps you’re a first-time homebuyer, and a new roof is on your agenda.

If you’re tired of searching “best roofer near me” and struggling to make a choice, this article is for you. Here are the top signs of a good Lehigh Valley roofing contractor.

1. Their Costs are Transparent

The best Lehigh Valley roofers will break down roofing costs upon request. This may include material costs, labor hours, and transport costs. It's important to know this because some disreputable contractors charge hidden fees that aren't applied until after the project's completion.

There are two important factors to consider when replacing your roof. Always make sure you’re making an informed decision based on quality first, and price.

2. They're Licensed to Operate in Your Area

You'd hope any roofer recommended as the “best roofer near me” by Google would be fully licensed and trustworthy, but it's always worth double-checking. After all, you might've just clicked a paid ad by mistake. Virtually all licensed roofers in Lehigh Valley state their credentials on their site.

You need someone who is legally allowed to operate in the area you live in so that your project abides by local construction codes. That’s why it may be best to go for Lehigh Valley roofers for your job.

3. They Offer a Free Estimate

Any Lehigh Valley roofing contractor who doesn’t give you a free estimate for a roof replacement before starting their work is probably not the best fit for you. You're essentially paying for something that may never happen.

Choosing a contractor you can trust is important – not someone out to make a quick buck without ever planning to deliver an excellent roofing project.

4. They Work Efficiently

You want a contractor who doesn't waste time but equally doesn't rush. Trustworthy roofers in Lehigh Valley will get the job done in a way that leaves you satisfied with time to spare.

Ask your contractor for a written estimated timescale for your project. While work must sometimes be delayed because of adverse weather conditions or other emergencies, this helps you hold the contractor to their word.

5. They Communicate Thoroughly

When you’re paying for a service, it's important to have clear communication with the other party. You need someone who will tell you if there are any errors when doing the job, additional costs, extra time, etc.

Check out customer reviews to find out if a contractor has a history of “ghosting” their clients. Reviews are a great source of information when looking for a reputable contractor with integrity in the Lehigh Valley.

6. They're Fully Insured

You should always hire contractors with general liability insurance when working on your property. This means that if there's an accident during construction, the contractor's insurance will cover it, and you won't be held liable or left out of pocket.


Finding good roofers in Lehigh Valley doesn't have to mean fruitlessly leafing through Google. Ask the right questions, make sure your investment is protected in writing, and you should have no problem securing the perfect contractor for the job.


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