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  • Jessica Weber

7 Tips to Choose the Best Roofing Contractor in Lehigh Valley, PA

When it comes to roofers in Lehigh Valley, PA, you have several options. It's important to explore these options to narrow down your decision.

What exactly should you be looking for? Here are seven tips to ensure you hire the best roofing contractors in Lehigh Valley, PA.

1. Hire Local

Verify that a contractor is local by checking for previous clients' reviews. A local business phone number and nearby store location don't always mean they have experience working in your area.

The best roofing companies in Lehigh Valley, PA know how to prepare your roof to withstand local weather patterns.

Make sure they're carrying insurance. Ask to see a copy and check that it isn't expired. Reputable roofers will offer a copy or oblige your request.

Ask if the contractor has Xactimate training. Xactimate is a software that many insurance companies use to write up your roof's damage and decide how much will be covered.

East Penn Roofing contractors in Lehigh Valley, PA, provide Xactimate insurance estimates.

3. Transparent Reviews

Searching for "best roofing contractor near me" is only the first step. Look for transparency in your communications with each company. Ask about their process, what they do, and how they operate, and go with your gut intuition.

Look at the contractor's reviews, bad and good. Look at several! Less than three reviews indicate that the contractor is not experienced or legitimate.

Ask for a referral list of customers within the area, and call some of the people on that list. The best roofers in Lehigh Valley will be happy to accommodate your request.

4. Organization Member

See if they're part of any organization. Being part of an organization proves the company's legitimacy and activity and shows that peers in the industry recognize them.

Organizations to look for include roofing contractors associations for your state.

5. BBB Certified

Make sure they're certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Look at the contractor's BBB reviews, and check to see that they've been certified for some time. This shows that they're familiar with the regulations and have learned from good and bad reviews along the way.

East Penn Roofing has been certified by the BBB since December 2021 and has an A+ business rating.

6. Manufacturer Accredited

Make sure they're an accredited contractor with a manufacturer (or several). East Penn Roofing contractors in Lehigh Valley, PA, are certified by CertainTeed, HAAG, GAF, AtlastPro, and Owens Corning.

7. Licensed

In Pennsylvania, no licensure is required for roofing contractors, according to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry.

However, there are state and local requirements for some contractors and their employees, and certification or local licensure requirements exist in some municipalities in Pennsylvania.

Best Roofing Contractor Near Me

These seven tips are a good rule of thumb to go by when choosing the best roofing companies in Lehigh Valley, PA. Keep them in your back pocket; they're great guidelines to follow for hiring any contractor for any trade.


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