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  • Jessica Weber

How Do You Know Your Roofer Did a Good Job?

Your roof is integral to your house because it protects the walls and foundation against damage and wear. An unhealthy roof can lead to an unhealthy foundation, and Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley roofing contractors consider it a sign that the roof needs fixing.

Roofers in Lehigh Valley recommend looking at these parts of a roof to know if it's in good condition.

Quality Decking

The decking should be made of high-quality decking boards. Look for weak, rotting wood in place of good plywood and decking boards.

High-quality decking boards and plywood result in roofing that lasts.


A waterproofed roof that doesn't leak should have waterproofing in key locations to avoid leaks down the road.

Lehigh Valley roofers recommend using a water barrier that's rated for high temperatures and self-adhering to the roof to keep it dry.

If you search for the best roofer near me, they'll explain that good waterproofing for roofs looks like this:

  • Synthetic underlayment – Acts as a barrier against vapor to keep the home dry during construction and lengthens the roof's longevity.

  • Storm Collars – Plumbing stacks and vents should be storm collared and properly sealed to avoid leaks from rain and toxic gas back-leaking into your house.

  • Flashing on plumbing stacks and roof vents – Every unique roof penetration should have flashing that is FHA-Approved and sized appropriately to the pipe's circumference.

Attic Ventilation

Your roof ridges should include ventilation near the tops so that excess heat and humidity from the attic can flow freely and avoid mold growth in the attic space.

A roof saddle, also known as a cricket, is usually designed over the attic space and near chimneys. Roofers in Lehigh Valley recommend making sure the saddles are waterproofed and that intersections use the appropriate valleys and flashings.

Uniform Shingles

Shingles that are installed correctly should look like they began at the bottom of the roof and work upwards, overlapping and moving up.

Drip Edge

One sign of a poor Lehigh Valley roofing job is if it doesn't have a drip edge installed. The roof drip edge is important to the roof's longevity and to avoid leaks and dams because it seals the roof and protects the perimeter.

Hip and Ridge Caps and Flashing

The joining sections should be locked using hip and ridge caps.

Pipes, chimneys, roof edges that touch walls, and other areas famous for leaks should be sealed with proper flashing to keep them dry.

Good flashing should be made of metal and not cement or caulk. Remember that cement and caulk break down quickly and don't add to the home's longevity, especially in Pennsylvania's wet weather cycles.

Final Thoughts

The best Lehigh Valley roofers will always fix mistakes before they grow into more significant problems down the road. If you have concerns, search for the best roofer near me to request an inspection and report.


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