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  • Josh Weber

How To Know Whether To Repair Or Replace Your Roof

A good roof can last you many years, but only with proper care and maintenance. Even with care and maintenance, it will get to a point where you either need to replace or repair it. You should know how to identify different levels of damage for the best roofing solutions.

Checking out Lehigh Valley roofer's reviews can help you find a professional to identify the damage and find a solution. Here's a quick guide to get you started: how do you know when your housetop needs a few patches, some repair, or a totally new roof?

Roof Repair

Roof repair is a fact of life for older roofs. It ensures that the system stays strong and keeps your home safe from elements that could damage your property. A roof repair is ideal when there is a small leak on your roof. You will have to identify the specific location of the leak to know whether the structure just needs a repair or the damage is too much for that. If your roof is over 18-20 years old, depending on the materials, it is likely that a roof replacement is your best and most cost-effective option.

Besides leaking, other signs that could help you tell when it's time for repair include loose granules and damaged shingles. A good repair will give the structure a few more years to keep doing its job.

Depending on your roof type, you can use a ladder to get up there and find the leak. Don't do this unless you're 100% confident you can use a ladder safely, you have appropriate PPE, and you know how to patch the leak.

If you're not experienced in using ladders, you should call Lehigh Valley roofing contractors to come to repair the damage for you. If you cannot find the leak yourself, talking to experienced roofers in Lehigh Valley will make your life easier.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is usually the last resort when it comes to roof maintenance. Lehigh Valley roofing companies will only recommend a replacement when the structure is beyond repair. You could also get a replacement if you're planning to sell your property and the structure is old – this may increase the property's resale value.

In most cases, a roof replacement will be the best solution if the problem is with the decking or the roof is missing too many missing shingles. If your roof is sagging or has too much water damage, it might be time to contact Lehigh Valley roofing companies for that replacement. Also, if your shingle roof is 18-20 years old, it will likely need to be replaced as home maintenance to prevent damage from occurring to the home.


Check out Lehigh Valley Roofer’s reviews to find a local company with a proven track record of satisfying its customers. Experienced roofers in Lehigh Valley can help you find the most cost-effective answer for any roofing problem.

With advice from the best roofers in Lehigh Valley, you can make the best decision for your roofing and keep it working for a longer period. Never attempt to DIY a problem if you're unsure how extensive it is – a free inspection is the way to go.


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