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  • Jessica Weber

Never Do This To Your Roof

Your roof keeps your home structurally sound and shields you and your family from the elements. Many homeowners, however, ignore their roofs or do do-it-yourself repairs that may end up causing more damage than good.

In this article, we'll go over some things you should never do to your roof – learn how to keep your home's most valuable asset in great shape!

1. Neglect Routine Maintenance

Neglecting routine maintenance of your roof is a recipe for early replacement. That'll cost a lot more than a routine visit from a local Lehigh Valley roofing contractor.

Many people believe theirs are alright as long as it isn't leaking. However, regular maintenance can prevent minor difficulties from developing into larger ones.

Local roofers can easily perform tasks like cleaning out the gutters of debris, pruning back overhanging trees, and inspecting for missing or broken tiles. It's better to employ a reputable Lehigh Valley roofer to take care of this if you're unsure how to maintain your roof correctly.

2. DIY Repairs

Attempting DIY repairs on your roof is another thing you should never do, even if the problem is minor. Although it may be tempting to attempt a DIY repair, it's vital to remember that your roofing is a complex system. Making an attempt to fix it on your own can backfire and potentially void your warranty.

It's best to contact reputable Lehigh Valley roofers – knowing the best roofer near me shouldn't always be left to Google. Reach out to experts the local community trusts implicitly. Expert local roofers are qualified and experienced to identify and resolve the issue promptly and without putting anyone at risk.

3. Walk On Your Roof

If you are not an expert, you shouldn't step on your roof. Walking on your roof might damage the shingles and potentially jeopardize its structural integrity because it was not made to handle foot traffic.

It's best to contact a well-regarded Lehigh Valley roofing company to inspect your home if needed. They will respect the roof's live/dead load capacity and can safely walk on your roof without causing damage or putting themselves at risk.

4. Overlook Roof-Related Warnings

Last but not least, you must never overlook roofing-related warning indicators. It's critical to take immediate action if you discover missing or damaged shingles or if there is leaking. However, ignoring a roofing issue might result in more severe problems like mold growth and structural damage, which will cost more to fix.

You can search for the best roofer near me or Lehigh Valley roofers if you spot a problem with your roof – just ensure they're a trusted, licensed local contractor.


Knowing what not to do helps avoid regrettable problems like voiding your warranty after botched DIY repairs. You can ensure that your roof remains in excellent shape for many years by contacting professionals to handle all roof-related tasks.

Always call reputable Lehigh Valley roofers if you have any questions. Treat your home with respect, and it'll protect you and your family for years without issue!

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