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  • Josh Weber

Slate Roof Maintenance

Slate is one of the most highly recommended materials by roofing contractors in Lehigh Valley, PA due to its longevity. It’s one of the most durable choices and requires minor upkeep during its lifespan.

However, low maintenance does not mean no maintenance.

Today, we’re going to discuss how to keep your slate rooftop in pristine condition with the help of Lehigh Valley roofers so you can count on its integrity even in the heaviest storm.

1. Get Regular Inspections From Lehigh Valley Roofers

No matter how well you care for your roof, there are still things only the trained eye will be able to see. That’s why you need to get in touch with a Lehigh Valley roofing company once a year to check on your shingles.

You should plan an inspection any time there has recently been a significant storm to make sure there hasn’t been any damage that could only be noticed by the best roofers in Lehigh Valley.

2. Hire A Roofing Contractor that Specializes in Slate to Perform Your Maintenance

Slate roofs are expensive to install, and repair which makes maintenance essential to lowering your cost over time and extending the life of your slate roof.

Not every roofing contractor has the knowledge and expertise needed to repair, maintain, or replace slate roofs. That's why it is essential to find the right contractor for your slate roof maintenance.

Seek out a contractor that is part of the "Slate Roofing Contractor's Association" and attends training and professional development to stay up to date on the latest methods and slate applications in the industry.

3. Be Prepared for What A Thorough Inspection Entails

A contractor who is competent in roof restoration is essential to ensure a proper evaluation of your slate roof is conducted, your average roof installer or estimator does not have this knowledge.

A reputable slate roof inspection would include an examination of the underside of the roof. A thorough examination of the conditions of slate, roof substrate (deck), fasteners, flashings, and roof penetrations should all be looked at closely and their conditions should be communicated with you, the property owner, through picture documentation and educating discussions with you.

4. Get Repairs Immediately

Cracked or missing tiles cannot be ignored. While it may seem like a minor injury to your roof, your house now has a weak spot that could cause damage by a hefty storm.

The damage will also increase over time. Just as an unattended wound on your body can fester, so can a crack in your roof.

Loose slate tiles can fall to the ground and can also present a hazard to people walking by or pets in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you see fallen pieces or whole pieces of slate debris on the ground, you need to call a slate-trained roofer to guide you to make the best discussions for maintaining your slate.

You need to call in the best slate roofers in Lehigh Valley if you see cracks, missing tiles, or fallen pieces of slate.

4. Gutter Cleaning

Dirty gutters can have devastating effects on your roof. They can become clogged, which prevents water from leaving the structure.

No matter your type of roofing application, clogged gutters can lead to leaks, which come with all kinds of complications. Water can also spill down the walls, causing mold growth. To prevent all of this, your gutters need to be cleaned at least twice a year, and if you live in a heavily wooded area in the Lehigh Valley, you may need to do it more often.

Consider having a Lehigh Valley roofing company install high-efficiency seamless gutters on your home to enhance your roof’s drainage. If you're not comfortable on a ladder, Lehigh Valley roofing contractors have gutter clean-out services that you can acquire.

Final Thoughts

The art of keeping your slate roof in good condition may not be complicated, but it is necessary.

Partnering with a top local roofing company that is professionally trained in slate installation and restoration is your ticket to keeping your investment in pristine condition for its expected lifetime – and even longer.


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